A key reason behind the poor health of the average Indian is the low level of public investments in preventive health facilities such as sanitation and waste management, as well as in medical care facilities such as primary health centers and health professionals. Even when public health facilities are available, they are often of poor quality. The high costs of healthcare also act as a deterrent for poor people in seeking treatment, leading to delays and aggravating health problems. India has one of the highest disease burdens in the world. Many more die of preventable diseases in India than in other countries. One big reason driving India’s health crisis is the unavailability of doctors and nurses. Another key reason for poor health of Indians is the high proportion of out-of-pocket expenditure on health because of low insurance coverage and weak public health systems, which forces even poor people to visit private medical practitioners, and drives up average health costs.


In more than 30 locations we have our Mercy Mobile Clinic that goes into these areas and provides free healthcare and medicines to the people of the communities. On so many occasions we have had experts in healthcare from overseas as well as from within Delhi, who have volunteered to come help us in these wellness programs. We partner with hospitals in the city to help us with this mission. Doctors, nurses & other medical professionals, they volunteer with us in providing services week after week. There are so many in numbers that show up with their medicinal issues who are treated by our well-equipped team.


TejasAsia is and will continue to contribute to the wellness & healthcare services for children, women & families who need the extra help.

As Albert Einstein said, “only a life in the service of others is worth living for”

We have been able to provide healthcare services to over 72,000 people in the past years. We seek to grow more & serving many more people with a special focus to poorer communities in New Delhi & NCR. Our vision will evolve according to the needs of the people each year. We plan to launch our Mobile Dental Clinic soon.

– Respiratory Infection – 68%
– Diarrhoeal infection – 23%
– Fever – 4.0%
– Other diseases- 2.0%
– Tuberculosis – 1%

Malnutrition in India has become a situation that haunts the lives of millions of children. Among the 472 million children, a whopping 97 million are anaemic and undernourished.

This is what the percentage of various diseases looks like in India.

The first two major factors of health issues come from unclean air and water.
Over 21% of healthcare problems in India are due to water salination. According to the World Health Organisation, about 1.7 million Indian’s deaths are caused by heart diseases every year. In India, 32 million people go below the national poverty line by spending on healthcare out of their own pockets in a single year. This is the exact reason why we provide free healthcare in every location our mobile medical clinic reaches. So far we have reached out to 72,000 people and we are committed to double the numbers by next year by investing into more mobile clinics.


the story of Neema

Neema is 49 years old and has lived in Trilokpuri area in Delhi for the past 26 years. She and her family migrated from Gorakhpur in Uttar pradesh state which is at the border of Nepal. She is a housewife and her husband works as a coolie, who lifts the luggages at railway stations for passengers, which is not a very stable income. They are a family of 3 daughters, ages -12,14 and 17 years respectively.

She was suffering from breathing problems so she came to our medical camp for a free medical checkup. Medical care in India can be extremely expensive and in remote clinics the possibility of being falsely diagnosed is highly likely. She could therefore not afford to buy the medicines and get the checkup done by a fancy hospital. So she was compelled to go to a medical practitioner who was not qualified. Her health condition could not be cured with the medicines the practitioner prescribed and they were ineffective. She continued to feel breathless and asthamatic.
At our free Medical Camps we have expert doctors who are the best at what they do and care for the condition of our nation and therefore offer free consultation and medicines for the people coming to us. There are also routine check ups to keep track of the improving or deteriorating conditions of the people who visit our camps.

We were able to improve the condition that Neema originally came to us in. She has kept in touch with us and brings her daughters to all our Health Awareness programs. We are encouraged by her story and her advancement in health.


Donations within India are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act


Donations within India are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act